Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rumors with in Wrestling:

Shelton Benjamin shoots on The Barbarian on Twitter:

“If any wrestler is asked by UPW/ Barbarian of Powers of Pain 2 got 2 Nigeria, get 100% of your $$ Upfront. stiffed me & the entire Crew last yr. or if U know a wrestler planning to tour with UPW/Barbarian “P.O.P” please inform them of my warning. I respect all talent that came before me and appreciate what they do but when a so called legend stiff his talent, some of which are not as fortunate as me to have made quite bit of $$ that person and his spouse Can go to Hell. Yes I’m referring only to The Barbarian. NOT WARLORD. to mention myself @valvenisent @jefflewis and a few other guys basically could have been killed when the bomb went of in Abuja the day before that bomb went off we were yards away from the embassy, and this MO’Fo turns around and stiffs talent. F— YOU BARBARIAN!!!. To my fans please excuse my language but I held this in a long time hoping that Barbarian would reconcile the situation but like a true liar and Thief he nor anyone else answers calls or returns and if by accident they do pick up they hang up immediately. Thank God I have and still make a good living but I feel sorry for those guys who really depended on their pay-offs”

Vordell Walker on the Rick Steiner heat:

WWE diva allegedly offers police money after arrest

WWE Star Cameron — Arrested for DUI … Allegedly Tries to Bribe Cops
WWE superstar Cameron — a member of the Funkadactyls — allegedly offered police $10,000 to let her go after she was arrested for DUI last week … this according to police.
TMZ obtained the arrest report filed by police in Tampa Bay, Florida … which shows Cameron — real name Ariane Nicole Andrew — was arrested at 2:23 AM on Friday morning outside Tampa International Airport.
The report says Cameron blew a .20 … more than twice the legal limit in Florida.
After cops took her into custody, the report says Cameron offered one of the officers $10,000 to “let her go because she would lose her job.”
In the docs, cops say Cameron listed her employer as the WWE.
Cops say Cameron had a male passenger in the car … who told police the two had been drinking martinis before getting in the car.
Cameron was booked for DUI … but eventually released.
A rep for WWE … “Ariane [Cameron] did not alert us to this matter, we are investigating and will take appropriate action.”

Yo Cameron! Do not offer a bribe, you should have offered the other "B" word, it ryhmes with BLOW JOB!

D-von & Bully Ray gone from TNA?

Rumor is nobody gives a shit!

JBL Back?

JBL is rumored to be coming back to Smackdown to save us all from two doses of Michael Cole!

Slick Ric at it again:

Ric Flair is getting divorced for a fourth time, maybe 5 is the charm? Ric is also rumored to be jumping ship from TNA to WWE when his contract is up in Sept.  Flair is going through a divorce, he will need the deep pockets of Vince & the WWE.

Goldust lists his top 5 WWE divas

Who gives a shit?

Could it be? A lucha movie to be made in Atlanta, see below:

Horror, Western, Sci-Fi, Action, and Comedy all rolled into one!

The days of El Santo, Blue Demon, and Mil Mascaras are back:

It is rumored that a local Atlanta Independent film company will be filming a modern version Lucha movie like the examples above, stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Casting: Hunger Games part 2

the Idiom (Hunger Games part 2) directed by Francis Lawrence  (look him up!)  needs MEN, MEN , MEN.

1) Male MODEL types- Need great looking male model type 18+ all ethnicities. Fierce!! We need to see the best shots you have.....Show the sexy..... This is one instance where your glamor/model shots are acceptable.

2) ATHLETIC types- 5'10" and taller 18+ taller very fit clean cut, military/law enforcement encouraged. Please follow the directions to the left and show your athletic figure. 

3) CHARACTER types- 18+ Something unique feature about their face....People that don't just look like everyone else. 

4) UPPER CRUST types- 18+ Regal, Royalty, Rich Sell this look in your pics. Please send pic like the example but with clothing that fits this role.

5) Young Caucasian BOY age 6-10 with long hair. Thin framed please. 

6) Seeking more males that are VERY THIN males. 18+ all ethnicities. Please follow the picture instruction to the left.

I am going to stress here once again about your pictures. The director simply dismisses pictures that are, dark , blurry and are not good quality. You are all missing out on a great opportunity because you refuse to send new pics. Most of you we have seen these pics again and again. I am attaching a sample pics card. We don't need the card this go round as we just want pics as attachments but it shows you clearly the great lighting and shots that we require so he can truly see everything.

Please submit 3 pics (head, body, profile) age, ht, wt, LOCATION and all contact info to Please put which role you are submitting for in the subject box. 


1) Male MODEL types- Need great looking male model type 18+ all ethnicities. Fierce!! We need to see the best shots you have.....Show the sexy..... This is one instance where your glamor/model shots are acceptable.

2) ATHLETIC types- 5'10" and taller 18+ taller very fit clean cut, military/law enforcement encouraged. Please follow the directions to the left and show your athletic figure. 

3) CHARACTER types- 18+ Something unique feature about their face....People that don't just look like everyone else. 

4) UPPER CRUST types- 18+ Regal, Royalty, Rich Sell this look in your pics. Please send pic like the example but with clothing that fits this role.

5) Young Caucasian BOY age 6-10 with long hair. Thin framed please. 

6) Seeking more males that are VERY THIN males. 18+ all ethnicities. Please follow the picture instruction to the left.

I am going to stress here once again about your pictures. The director simply dismisses pictures that are, dark , blurry and are not good quality. You are all missing out on a great opportunity because you refuse to send new pics. Most of you we have seen these pics again and again. I am attaching a sample pics card. We don't need the card this go round as we just want pics as attachments but it shows you clearly the great lighting and shots that we require so he can truly see everything.

Please submit 3 pics (head, body, profile) age, ht, wt, LOCATION and all contact info to Please put which role you are submitting for in the subject box. 


Larry Goodman, telling it like it is again..... see highlighted font...

***The last RPW review by Larry Goodman told it like it was, some people can take it and improve, and then there are others that can't. One Veteren told me "If Goodman does not point out something wrong I'm disappointed, I don't want praise, I want to know what to improve". Wise words.

From Larry Goodman:

Welcome to GWH's live coverage of NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling's Sizzling Summer Bash.

Largest, hottest crowd I've seen at Johnny G's in quite a while. I'm guessing 180-200.
Ring announcer Dan Masters opened the show with a shout out to his "Uncle" Ben Masters' on his birthday tomorrow.

The new TV commentary team is Bill Behrens and Josh Wheeler, Murder One's former business partner in Pro Wrestling Evolution.

Doctor Johnny Gayton welcomed Warner Robins Mayor ChuckShaheen to the ring and thanked him for all his support for Johnny G's. Gayton was ambushed by Murder One and J-Rod. They choked him with his tie and ripped his shirt off. This was awesome, because the mayor had no clue what was going on. The fans chanted for Doc's partner, AJ Steele, but instead got Chris Jacobs, Leon McMichaels and Steve Stiles out for the save. The Doc had one of his raging bull, chair throwing fits.

(1) Jacob Ashworth & CB Gibson & Chris Jacobs defeated BFF's ("Marvelous" Michael Stevens & "Adorable" Anthony Andrews) & Tommy Daniels in 10:40. Gibson took the heat. Marv missed a moonsault, but the heels kept the pressure on CB. Daniels missed a charge and the hot tag was made to Ashworth, who hit the elevated full nelson faceplant on Daniels. After a round robin of big moves, Ashworth pinned Daniels with Ashes to Ashes. The crowd was into this match and they popped for the finish.
Marv said Daniels lost and it didn't count against their record. Marv said they got a heavenly smelling package last week, and told the ladies not to be shy. Out came the mystery man again with a present for the BFFs, a glitter covered jar of protein powder. Stevens called it their "kingdom in a jar".

Dan Masters shilled for the September 9 taping featuring an appearance by TLC reality star Honey Boo Boo.

(2) Mike Posey defeated former champion Drew Adler to retain the RPW TV Title in 10:30. The action moved outside where Posey rammed Drew's arm into the brick wall. Posey took control, working on the arm for a good long while. Adler made a spirited comeback despite having only one good arm. Adler hit a corkscrew slingshot splash for a near fall. When Adler tried for the Drew Drop, Posey posted the arm. A top rope battle ensued. Posey capitalized on the bad arm an hit the guillotine leg drop for the win. Quiet crowd early on but they came alive for Adler's comeback.

Posey was joined by his partners Corey Hollis and Chip Day. The psychotic voice of Bent played over the PA. Posey said he wasn't scared. Terrified maybe.

Dan Masters introduced Sal Rinauro. Sal said he had done everything in RPW over the last two and one half years, and what had taken place lately was an atrocity. Rinauro said his new client was pink slipped after slaving away for you people and introduced the head of Allie's Angels LLC, Miss Allie. Miss sweet and innocent has undergone quite the attitude adjustment. Allie said she was back for revenge, and money was no object. "Do I look like I've ever paid for anything?" Allie introduced her first acquisition -- Rob Adonis.

Dan wanted explanations. Sal said Allie wasn't explaining anything and vowed that his client would soon own the company.

(3) Micah Taylor defeated Rob Adonis (with Miss Allie & Sal Rinauro) in 14:03 to become the number one contender for the RPW Heavyweight Championship. Taylor's advertised opponent, Johnny Swinger, canceled on Friday. This was Adonis' first match since suffering broken orbital bones at the hands...umm...knee...of J Rod. Allie distracted the ref and Sal interfered to give Adonis the advantage. The crowd was strongly behind Micah here. Sal interfered again and got a high five from Allie for his efforts. Adonis didn't know which end was up after taking the 10 corner clotheslines from Taylor, but kicked out and came back with an exploder suplex for a near fall of his own. Taylor maneuvered into a crossface. That brought Sal up onto the apron to distract. Adonis tried the sneak attack, but Micah was wise to it. Adonis stumbled into Sal, and Taylor hit a german suplex for the win. Sal's timing and experience were key in getting this match over.
Afterward, Miss Allie was not the least bit happy with her men.

Dan Masters did a quickie ringside segment to conclude the first hour of television.

(4) Chris Jacobs defeated Smith James in 4:10. The debuting James is a thickly built powerhouse Northerner. Jacobs is a local lawman wrestler, taught Mr. Wrestling II's kneelift finisher by the man himself. He ducked a pair of clotheslines to build momentum before spearing James for the pin.

At ringside, an ENRAGED AJ Steele apologized to the fans for what he was about to do to Murder One and J Rod. "And I don't even like tacos, buddy." Doc said the NWA said he couldn't be the commissioner if he was going to wrestle, so he had given the commissioner job to Ben Masters, and he was going to get him some. Dan Masters said surely they wouldn't show this level of violence on TV.

(5) Cash Vault (Bobby Moore & Zane with Charlie Cash) defeated Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks) and Corey Hollis & Chip Day in a Rampage Rules match at 16:13 to retain the RPW Tag Titles. Always the ladies' choice, Hot Like Lava were solid fan favorites in this match. "Barney" Moore took a a highly entertaining beating. Cru hit a picture perfect version of the Colt 45 on Hollis, and Lava did a real number on Corey's back. This was a more focused Hot Like Lava, playing for keeps instead of for laughs. Lots of big moves and saves here, and they were good ones. Day kicked Cru's head in and Moore stole the pin to eliminate HLL. An exchange of ridiculously stiff strikes left all four down. Cash slid the belt in to distract Hollis and referee Dee Byers. Moore loaded his elbow pad, and it was lights out for Day, who was pinned by Zane. Best match of the show thus far.

The crowd applauded Hollis and Day for their efforts. The babyface turn by the formerly Rave Approved is progressing nicely.

Dan Masters welcomed the BFFs to the ring. Stevens said they like us, they really like us. Andrews said the ladies could see their muscles from space. Marv said they were hoping for a double date. The mystery man came out with another mystery gift. The box contained black roses. BFF's were pissed.

Charlie Cash's mystery challenger to heavyweight champion Kyle Matthews was a tall, masked individual.

(6) Charlie Cash's mystery opponent defeated Kyle Matthews in a no DQ match to become the new RPW Heavyweight Champion.  The no DQ was an unadvertised added twist. They weren't fooling the live crowd with the mask. How many guys in the world move like Luke Gallows at that size, let alone in the state of Georgia? They did all kinds of nasty things to each other with a steel chair. Gallows went for a choke slam, but Matthews countered with a jumping knee. Matthews tried to come off the ropes and got leveled by a high boot. Matthews got a rear naked choke. Fans chanted for the tap out, but it was not to be. Gallows gave Matthews a sidewalk slam onto an upright chair. Pretty sick stuff. Matthews waffled Gallows' back HARD with a chair. Gallows had to walk it off. Back at ringside, Gallows inundated Matthews' prone body with chairs. Matthews fired up, driving Gallows into the rail with a slurpee kick. Kyle went for the mask, but Gallows fought him off. Matthews hit a missile dropkick and followed with a frogsplash for a near fall that fans bought as the finish. Cash got up on the apron with a chain. Matthews cut him off, but that gave Gallows time to recover, and he planted Matthews with a sitout powerbomb. A brutal match, amazingly believable given the huge size difference.

Gallows took the mask off. The fans popped for the reveal. Gallows said the reign of the Big LG had begun and he intended to take on the entire NWA.

Dan Masters said Frankie Valentine would make his return to RPW on September 9.

Dan said this main event would be for the DVD only.

PCW owner Stephen Platinum took over for Wheeler on color commentary.

Doc Gayton & AJ Steele defeated J Rod & Murder One in a Double Jeopardy match at 12:50. Match didn't have as much heat as I expected. People probably figured nobody was leaving, which only left one possible outcome. Steele anhandled J Rod, who desperately wanted a tag. J Rod finally decked Steele with an enzuigiri, and Murder was more than happy to put the boots to him. Murder & J Rod isolated AJ, until Steele lifted J Rod the heavens for a massive powerbomb. Doc tagged in, was beaten down, and had the welts on his forehead to prove it. Ref Dee Byers got bumped and didn't see Doc's use of the chair. Doc tossed a chair at Murder's face and drove it in with a polish hammer. Steele then pinned Murder with the Steel City Bomb.

Per the stips, Steele gets Murder in the match of his choosing, J Rod is barred from fleeing his contract for greener pastures in New York, and the babyfaces live to fight another day.

Postmatch, Doc gave J Rod a Samoan Drop onto the concrete floor.

A turnaround show for RPW.

Chyna’s lastest adult film is a wrestling parody

Former WWE Intercontinental champion and Diva Chyna is about to have her next adult movie released by Vivid Entertainment, a movie which carries title of “Chyna Is Queen Of The Ring.” Released for your viewing pleasure online on September 4 and in stores on September 12, this XXX parody will see Chyna battle WWE Superstars look-a-likesincluding her ex boyfriend Triple H, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Iron Sheik, Doink, John Cena, Gene Okerlund, Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon. “This movie made me feel sexy and wanted,” said Chyna. “I was glad it was a long shoot because I was totally turned on and having so much fun laughing a lot with the guys. I think adult movie fans will go crazy over it!” The cast of “Queen of the Ring” includes Lisa Ann as Stephanie McMahon, Valerie Kay as Ring Girl, Ron Jeremy as himself, Alex Sanders as Ric Flair, Anthony Hardwood as Triple H, Cyrus King as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Evan Stone as Vince McMahon, Marco Banderas as Iron Sheik, Ralph Long as Doink, Sledge Hammer as The Rock, TJ Cummings as John Cena and Tommy Pistol as Gene Okerlund.

Monday, August 27, 2012

DOC Casting:

F.I.V.O. Entertainment & Productions is currently casting for the role of "DOC" in our upcoming original stageplay "Love's Last Episode." Doc is a bartender at a local hotspot, who gives great relationship advice to the bar patrons." All interested actors, please submit headshot and resume to Looking for SERIOUS and COMMITTED actors only. If you can't commit, don't submit. If we are interested in having you audition, you will receive the character's sides along with further instructions via email.

Payment is available for this project.
(Payment after final performance. Rehearsals are unpaid. 3 performances are Friday, November 30th and Saturday, November 1st 2012. Rehearsals are EVERY Saturday from 12 noon to 3pm.)

Fashion show Casting:

IN AWE Fashion is holding a casting call Sept 1 from 2pm-4pm for our upcoming fashion show.

Please bring a headshot with you!!

448 Ralph David Abernathy Atlanta ga 30310 suite 10 Atlanta


Follow @auditionrush on twitter for details and updates.

ATL extras Casting:

CL Casting

Looking for males and females for tomorrow, Tuesday. Need reporters, photographers, camera operators, admin, especially if you have been one of these in the past. 3 pictures, height, weight, age and phone number to Put in the subject which one you are submitting for.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Extras Casting Atlanta: Scary Movie 5

Extras Casting Atlanta

For Scary Movie 5 - Seeking the following for stand ins and photo doubles

Blonde female 5'2 - Ashley Tisdale - Photo Double

White Female Brunette - 5'4 -- With Stand In Experience

African American Male bald - 6'2 or 6'3 with stand in experience

African American female 5'8 - 5'10 - measurements - 34 - 27 - 40 - for a Photo Double

For all please email a recent photo, height and all clothing sizes and contact info to:

1 guess, which super hero is like Hot Like Lava

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let this be a lesson to you....

WWE’s statement…
WWE has come to terms on the release of Gabe Tufts (Tyler Reks) as of Tuesday, Aug. 21. We wish Gabe all the best in his future endeavors.

If you try to act like Hot Like Lava, you will be fired, get hurt, or just quit.....only Hot Like Lava can get away with being Hot Like Lava.

 The curse of Hot Like Lava strikes again............

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


GEORGIA CASTING CALLS :: Extras Casting Atlanta Looking for a photo double for Charlie Sheen

Extras Casting Atlanta

Looking for a photo double for Charlie Sheen - close to 5'10 similar look and build -- Also looking for a female experienced high jumper - Also looking for people with European type cars, Mini's, Fiat's Fiestas etc... For both please send a recent photo, for the double height and all sizes, for the people with cars include a photo of the car and of yourself and send all to:

GEORGIA CASTING CALLS :: Actors needed for Haunted House opening this fall in Villa Rica.

Actors needed for Haunted House opening this fall in Villa Rica. All types and levels of experience are welcome. No experience is necessary just a willingness to have fun and let yourself go in your performance. Looking for individuals with enthusiasm and professionalism who love acting, scaring people, who are passionate and looking to make a little extra money. Please go to our website and fill out our very brief application-under SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE put ACTOR in bold letters so that we know that is what you are applying for.

Auditions will be in September but we are doing our recruiting now.

Compensation: flat rate per night to be determined

Tammy Smith Casting- Atlanta Submissions needed for database:

Tammy Smith Casting- Atlanta

Part 1: Submissions needed for database:

Women and men, ages 18-40, that are hot and sexy, all ethnicities.
Please submit to and put "Hot and Sexy" in the subject line.
Please include:

Your photo (looking hot and/or sexy)-
- one head and shoulders photo and one body shot would be perfect.

ALL Sizes:
Women- Bust/Bra, waist, hips, shoe and dress size
Men- Jacket, neck, sleeve, waist, inseam, shoe

CL Casting: Interns

CL Casting

Experienced Pizza Makers to work both Thursday and Friday. Would ideally like to have some people that can throw a pie, but we can also have some people that are just working in the restaurant. Males ages 18-45! 3 pictures, height, weight, age and phone number to
Subject: Pizza, Pizza!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


  • This was a great angle. What really cracked me up, the Gladiators were taken from the Crockett cup and replaced by the Mulkies.

    • The obvious poke here is that they beat the WEST COAST TAG TEAM CHAMPS.
      1. No fan from the southeast would know if they were legit.
      2. It could have been a playful shot at west coast wrestling and wrestlers.

  • Gary Royal and George South were tag team partners for several years, so yes they were a real team, but the Gladiators was just one of their gimmicks. If you watched JCP in 87-88 you might remember the Cruel Connection and Mexican Twin Devils; they played those teams too. In fact, JCP often booked them for three matches a night, one per costume. They saved money that way by not having to hire as many jobbers. Calling them "West Coast Champs" was just to help put the Mulkeys over.

    *Take note Bookers

Casting: Motor City

Motor City Seeks African Americans and Hispanics. ALL roles are paying and work in Atlanta,  Georgia. If you have applied for the roles before, please re-apply IF YOU CAN MAKE YOUR HAIR LOOK LIKE IT IS FROM THE 1970's. PLEASE NOTE: ALL ROLES FOR THIS FILM ARE STILL IN CONSIDERATION. NO ROLES HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY CAST.  Because this is a period piece (set in Detroit in the late 1970's), we are looking for men and women with very particular hairstyles.
~African American Roles~ (Scroll Down for Hispanic Roles)
During this time, "Natural" was in, in a big way for African Americans..  men were sporting styles ranging from mini afros to "sky high" afros. Every character we cast needs to look like it was from this time frame, so if you can make yourself look like you are from the 70's AND you fit the descriptions below, please feel free to submit. Take pictures sporting an AFRO as the character if at all possible. Make sure your photos are clear and big enough to print and show to the director (a minimum of 300k). The photos should be in great lighting so we can clearly see you.
African American children with afros. Ages 2-8… looking for both males and females.
Inmates: Males 18-50 FEATURED, POSSIBLY WORKS SEVERAL DAYS in September and October. We are looking for a wide range of inmate-types. Fit, Rough-looking, men with tattoo's, Big and bulky, intimidating, skinny.. really skinny…. maybe even a few crazy-looking males. Remember, HAIR IS IMPORTANT!! PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DO FRONTAL NUDITY (only a few roles will be required to do nudity).
Down and Out: Males Ages 18-70. Remember, hair is still important! Looking for the poverty-stricken, the skinny, the people with bad teeth or no teeth (NO GOLD TEETH). The truly, truly impoverished.
Workers: REMEMBER HAIR IS STILL IMPORTANT! Males that look tired, hard-working, and possibly a few that are fresh out of jail.
Grandfather: Age 50-70+ African American males that have a little age on them. Again… not looking for crew-cut hair style.
1970's Dancers: African American Males and Females (18-40) Looking for high-class, wealthy-looking, have fro's (big and small) and can dance! Possible choreography to be learned..

Hispanic Lady: Ages 50-70. Must be able to react to direction. Could potentially work several days. AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE ABLE TO SPEAK SPANISH.
Maid: 20's-50's HISPANIC FEMALE. Must have a background in serving or bar tending.
Nude Hispanic Girl: Hispanic Girl willing to be fully nude on camera. Please submit bathing suit pictures. MUST HAVE AN AMAZING BODY. Pay will be discussed for this role on a case-by-case basis, as it is not the regular rate. 

Priest: Looking for a Hispanic male 40's-60's. POTENTIAL FOR SPEAKING LINES. 

If you fit the above description, and you can send pictures with 1970's style hair, please apply to Use the subject of what you are applying for. Attach 3 pictures (head shot, medium shot, and full-length shot), your height, weight, age and phone number in the email. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PHOTOS ARE LARGER THAN 300k. If they are any less, we CANNOT PRINT THEM. ALSO, please make sure your pictures are in great lighting, and that we can clearly see your face. We do not want photos of you with other people.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Casting: Motor City

"Motor City"
Motor City is a gritty action film about Detroit in the late 70's. We're excited to have this one filming in Atlanta!
Please use email address to apply
3 Pictures, Height, Weight, Age and Phone Number. Use the Subject line of what you are applying for.
Poor People: We are looking for African Americans and Caucasians that CAN look like they live in poverty. Please submit photos that reflect this lifestyle. Subject: Poor (Ethnicity//Age)
Heavy Set African American Woman (20's-40's). Please submit photos where you don't look glamorous. We are looking for poverty-level photos. Unkempt hair.. etc.
African American, Hispanic and Caucasian Children ages 2-8 (Impoverished pictures, please - We do not want fancy or professional pictures) 
African Americans with Afros - looking for both males and females

Morse Code Transmitter - Must be a proficient Morse Code Copier
Baker - Looking for an African American Male, Older.. maybe on the larger side
Older African American Gentlemen ages 60-80
African American Garbage Men (prefer experienced, or people that don't mind being around garbage)
Hasidic Jewish Men
Hispanic Car Maintenance Men
CUBAN GRANDMOTHER - Must have open availability as this works several days. Ages 50+
Cuban Sister (Female age 8-10) - Must have open availability as this works several days
Cuban Sister (Female Age 14-16) - Must have open availability as this works several days
Travolta Dancers and 'Boogie Nights' Types of Dancers with 70's style hair
Santa Clause - Would like experienced Santa Clause! Please list years of experience. 

Casting: The Internship

"The Internship" 
Comedy! This is a fun set to be on!
Please use email address to apply
3 Pictures, Height, Weight, Age and Phone Number. Use the Subject line of what you are applying for.

Nerds//Intellectuals//Hipsters to work TWO days: August 21 and 22 (Tuesday and Wednesday). Looking for ages 23-40. All ethnicities. 
Cosplay: Looking for people with costumes! Show us your best costumes!

Casting: Necessary Roughness

"Necessary Roughness" 
This is for the last episode of Season Two! :(
Please use email address to apply
3 Pictures, Height, Weight, Age and Phone Number. Use the Subject line of what you are applying for.

Paparazzi: "Sneaky or snake-ish looking" Males. Works Monday August 20th - Looking for people that have not worked on the show before. Looking for MAINLY men. Experience with cameras a plus!  
Fans: Football Fans to work Wednesday August 22. This can be any ethnicity and any age over 18! 
FBI Agent: Male - Authoritative 30's-40's. Caucasian Works Tuesday August 21
Miss Classy: Any Ethnicity - Female 20's. Should look like a college graduate from an Ivy League School. Thin. Smart//Intelligent looking. Simple, but pretty. Works August 25thor August 28th

Catrett Locke Casting: Open Casting


Send an email to: 

Attach 3 pictures of yourself, your height, weight, age and phone number. Now, the most important part is the subject line! 
Choose your subject line: Age//Gender//Ethnicity and (Days you are available)

*Use short Hand for Days*: Monday = M, Tuesday = T, Wednesday = W, Thursday = TH, Friday = F
An example of a subject line would be:
Subject: 26//Female//Caucasian//(M, T, W, TH, and F) 
Subject: 24//Male//African American// (T, TH)

****If you are available BOTH TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY PLEASE WRITE "BAM!" At the end of your submission****
An example of this would be:
Subject: 41//Female//Hispanic//(M, T, W, and F) BAM!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Casting: Freestyle Love Supreme

We are for extras for "Freestyle Love Supreme". This shoots in the Atlanta area.

Please read the following announcement and only reply if you fit the criteria below.

Extras & Stand-In's Needed for "FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME"

OFFICE WORKERS: Men & Women, any ethnicity, early 20's - early 40's. Hip, trendy, attractive, unique types. WORKS MULTIPLE DAYS BETWEEN AUGUST 20th - AUGUST 23rd. Put "OFFICE" in subject line.

FEMALE CLERKS (FEATURED): Women, any ethnicity, mid 20's to early 50's. Must be energetic and be able to learn a minimal choreographed dance. Dance & Theater experience preferred. Tentatively SHOOTS AUGUST 23rd. PUT "CLERK" in subject line.

CUSTOMERS: Men & Women, any ethnicity, 18-65. Tentatively scheduled for AUGUST 23rd. Put "CUSTOMER" in subject line


Must be available August 20th-August 23rd. Click links to see pics.

LIN - mid 20's, Puerto Rican, 5'6" - 5'8". Put "LIN" in subject line.

UTK - mid 20's, Indian descent, 5'9" - 5'11" Put "UTK" in subject line.

To be considered please read the following instructions and send an email with the below information to

Include the following information:
Contact Phone Number:
Blouse/Dress Size:

Please email three (3) current snapshots of the following angles. NO PROFESSIONAL PICTURES. Make sure photos are well lit and of only yourself.

1.) Waist Up picture
2.) Head & Shoulder picture
3.) Full body shot, head to toe.

Make sure to note the role you are submitting for in the subject line of your email.



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Casting: THE IDIOM

We are currently seeking 
African American Men and women 18+ with a thin frame. All heights, looks etc... character faces welcomed. Just need a thin frame. Please end 3 pics (head, body and profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info to Please put 11 in the subject box. 
Caucasian Men and Women ages 18+ with thin frame. All heights, looks etc....character faces welcomed Just need a thin frame. Please end 3 pics (head, body and profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info to Please put 12 in the subject box. 
Seeking attractive Men 18+ all ethnicities. Please send 3 pics (head body and profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info. Please put DC in the subject box. 
Seeking a elderly, thin framed, darker skinned, African American grandmother type. Acting experiences a plus. If you fit the bill please e-mail Include 3 pics (head, body, profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info. If you have an acting resume please send as well. Please put GRANDMA in the subject box
Seeking light skinned, thin framed, African American Children ages 4-12 that have acting experience. If your child fits the bill please e-mail Include pics, age, ht, wt, and all contact info. Please attach resume as well and put FAMILY in the subject box.
Seeking dark skinned, muscular , thin framed,  African American woman age 15-25 with acting experience. If you fit the bill please e-mail Please include 3 Pics (head, body, profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info. Please put SISTER in the subject box. 
Seeking Women 18-30 any ethnicity, thin but strong, scrappy fighter types, and also thin but athletic types, that have acting experience. If you fit the bill then please e-mail please include 3 pics (head, body, profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info. Please attach resume and put ACTRESS in the subject box.
When submitting pics please make them clear and in focus and you be the only one in the photo. This will give you the best chances for us to continue to look at your submission. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Casting: A Land Yet Discovered/Comedy film

Casting / Audition Details:
Description: A Land Yet Discovered is an unpaid comedy film about the process of making a film and trying to get a breakthrough. Two guys named Darren and Tony, come up with an idea for making an unorthodox movie and try to get a cast and crew together. The film follows the two producers’ encounters with the cast and crew and the shenanigans that happen during casting and filming process. This film will begin production in early Fall.
Character Breakdown:
Ashley- Caucasian female, late teens to early 20s. Pretty, model-type girl that thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips. The producers like her but she starts to be rebellious.
Jenny- Caucasian or Hispanic female, late teens to early 20s. Attractive, happy-go-lucky party girl who eventually becomes a pothead, because of her boyfriend, J.B. She eventually develops a huge crush for one of the producers, Tony (one of the two main characters).
Howard- African American male, early to mid 20s. Party guy who tries to help the producers to accomplish their goals.
Jerry- Male, Early 20s. No specific race. A young aspiring actor with a crazy, yet funny personality. He is usually the comic relief and a chick magnet.
McKenzie- Female, Early 20s. No specific race. A model-type, drama queen. She likes to be the center of attention.
Chelsea- Female, Early 20s. No specific race. She works out a lot and wants to be a body builder. She and Jerry have feelings for each other and eventually start a relationship.
J.B- Caucasian male, Early 20s. Jenny’s boyfriend, who is a pothead.
Morgan- African American female. Mid 20s. She is the oldest and wisest of everyone in the cast and crew. She usually sees things going on behind the scenes that the producers and director would overlook.
Max- Male, Early 20s. No specific race. Max is a young actor, who one day aspires to be a professional wrestler.
Emily- Caucasian female, Early 20s. Very gorgeous girl who catches the attention of all of the boys.
If you would like to plan any of the above roles, please email Dave at: Also, specify which role you are most interested in playing.
Times, dates & locations:
August 24th, 2012. We don't have a location or time at the moment, but if you are interested in auditioning, contact Dave at We'll let you know the time and location as the date gets closer. It will most likely be downtown Atlanta. If you can't make that day, you can send in a video submission.

Chikara Pro Wrestling :

Georgia Castings:

Casting for several different types for several different projects! Each character has its own submission line and email address to submit to! 
Ping Pong Player - Looking for a ping pong player, ages 18-21 to work Wednesday August 15. We are seeking an EXCEPTIONALLY good ping pong player. Please email three pictures, height, weight, age and phone number to
Subject: Ping Pong

Italian Son - Ages 18-23. *SPEAKING LINES* for the film "The Internship". Will be paid SCALE. MUST look Italian! Please submit your headshot and resume plus 3 additional pictures, your height, weight, age, and phone number to
Subject: Italian

Water Aerobics Instructor: Ages 55-90+ WORKS AUGUST 28th. Must be an experienced water aerobics instructor OR must frequently take water aerobics. To apply, please email 3 additional pictures, your height, weight, age, and phone number to
Subject: Water Aerobics

Cars OLDER than 1974: Seeking all types of cars//trucks//utility vehicles OLDER than 1974 - 60's to early 70's. EVEN BEAT UP CARS!! If you have cars in this date range, please supply 3 recent pictures of the cars along with the make, model, year and color of the car, plus your phone number and a picture of you :) (just so we can see who we are talking to). Submit information to
Subject: Car (Make//Model//Year)

Lawyer-Type for Necessary Roughness: African American//Caucasian Males LATE 40's-60's. Please do not apply if you have already been featured on Necessary Roughness. 3 pictures, height, weight, age and phone number to
Subject: Lawyer (Ethnicity//Age)

Ghetto-types for Motor City: African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian Males and a few females ages (All ages, INCLUDING CHILDREN). Looking for types that can look like they are currently living a rough life. PLEASE do NOT submit professional photos. PLEASE SUBMIT PHOTOS THAT REFLECT THIS LIFESTYLE (Photos must STILL be clear). 3 Pictures, height, weight, age, and phone number to
Subject: Hard-Knock (Age//Ethnicity//Gender)

Males and females with Longer hair (like in the 70’s.. Think Afros, feathered hair, long//flat hair, mullets.. ) 18+ FOUR pictures of yourself, including one of the beautiful locks, your height, weight, age, and phone number to
Subject: Long Hair, Don’t Care (Gender//Age//Ethnicity)

Males with mustaches: (like in the 70’s & 80’s) 18+ 3 pictures, height, weight, age and phone number to
Subject: Mustach Man

STAND IN POSITION (FULL TIME - MUST BE AVAILABLE FROM Sept 17-Nov 12) Caucasian Male, Longer Medium Brown Hair, 6’2 and a fit//trim 190 LBS. STAND IN EXPERIENCE A PLUS. Please email 3 pictures, height, weight, age and phone number to
Subject: Miller Stand IN
Catrett Locke Casting

Monday, August 13, 2012

Larry Goodman tells it like it is...see highlighted font:

August 12 NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling Report:

NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling presented "Renaissance", their first event under Murder One (creative) and Ben Masters (promotion), the duo replacing Jimmy Rave at the helm.
Owner Dr. Johnny Gayton pulled the trigger on replacing Rave as booker after the July 22 taping. Some of those familiar with the situation believe that Rave sealed his fate by opting not to be present at the July 22 taping, however legitimate his reasons may have been. Others take the view that the die was already caset, because the winds of change were blowing prior to July 22.
Whatever the deal was with Rave's situation, by almost any measure, this show was a success for Murder and Masters. They immediately had their work cut out for them, because this was the "go home" show for Sizzling Summer Bash. It was a more angle-driven presentation, with more talking and less emphasis on the wrestling. The notoriously blasé RPW fans actually woke up a bit. The crowd was up from recent tapings (115) and the heat was better,  though it still has a long way to go. As TV tapings go, it appeared to run quite smoothly.  
The new announce team of Dan Masters and Bill Behrens taped the opening from ringside. The crowd wasn't used to this and it showed. Dan replaced Ben as co-commentator. 
Ben replaced Miss Alllie as the ring announcer.  For whatever reasons, the angles RPW started with Allie never went anywhere. I will say this: any wrestling promotion that can't or won't incorporate a female presence is missing the boat.
(1) CB Gibson defeated Leon McMichaels in 8:10. The fans heartily approved of referee Dustin Robinson's new buzz cut. McMichaels could use a Rick Michaels do over of his gear. Orange vinyl pants falling off one's ass is not a flattering look. Leon engaged in playful banter with fans. Wrestlers at McMichaels' level would be better served developing that elusive larger than life quality. Match was was babyface vs. babyface with the crowd not strongly behind either wrestler. Gibson's offense looked good. McMichaels got a close near fall with a springboard roundhouse kick. Gibson got the pin with a rolling prawn hold.
Ben introduced Doc Gayton, wearing a snazzy suit befitting a world renowned eye surgeon. Gayton said last time he got carried out after Murder One's piledriver onto a steel chair, but it was J Rod's fault. Doc said the NWA had barred him from wrestling, but things had changed in the NWA, and he was putting himself in a match with AJ Steele as his partner vs. Murder 1 & J-Rod at Sizzling Summer Bash on August 26.
That brought J Rod out. J Rod said Doc made a lot of money off him and he wasn't doing the work no more. J Rod demanded that Doc let him out of his contract. J Rod is holding to the delusional belief that "New York" will give him more money.
Doc introduced a new twist to the story --- he would let J Rod out of the contract, IF J Rod paid back the money he owed.
J Rod said he didn't know what Doc was talking about, and threatened to leave pieces of Doc's old goat carcass all the way to New York, where he would be making the BIG MONEY. Doc said no way that was happening. J Rod punched Doc. Murder One intervened and reminded J Rod that this was not the plan.
Doc made J Rod an offer he couldn't refuse --  if  he won the match at the Bash, Doc would let him out of the contract, but if he got pinned, he would have to stay, and if Murder got pinned, his former partner AJ Steele could have Murder in any type of match he desired. 
(2) Murder One defeated Chris Jacobs in 7:38. Cop meets cop hater. Jacobs missed as spear and fell to the floor. M1 beat his ass. A Jacobs dropkick got the first solid pop for a wrestling move. The crowd got behind Jacobs, but M1 had a cheering section as well. Jacobs got a near fall with an Olympic slam, but M1 dodged Jacobs' finisher, the Mr. Wrestling II kneelift, and smoked him with the Ether. M1 could have pinned Jacobs right there, but he sent a message with a piledriver for the 1-2-3.
J-Rod ran out with a taser and a bottle of water. He handed the taser to Murder, then doused Jacobs with a bottle of water, but before Murder could do the deed, Doc Gayton and Micah Taylor made the save.
Next up was the first installment of the Gospel According to Rob Adonis - the truth according to Rob, so help him God. Adonis introduced Charlie Cash (with Bobby Moore) as the boss of the Cash Vault and his best friend. Adonis maintained that after today, Cash Vault would possess all of the titles in RPW. They already had the tag titles, Judge had a shot at the TV title and Moore had a shot at the heavyweight title. Cash said after that, he might change the sing out front from Johnny G's to Charlie C's. Kyle Matthews entered the ring. He said that what Cash never did for him, he did for himself by becoming the RPW Heavyweight Champion. Cash said Matthews owed him the title belt for making him a tag team champion (along with Frankie Valentine). Cash told Kyle he still loved him, so he was going to give him a rematch at Sizzling Summer Bash after he lost to Moore, but if Matthews was able to defeat Moore, he would accept a match against any member of Cash Vault at the Bash. Matthews signed the contract.
Dan Masters did a ringside hype segment for Sizzlin Summer Bash. Dan has burned many bridges, but he as a ring announcer and ringside/backstage interviewer the man is gold.  
(3) "Adorable" Anthony Andrews (with "Marvelous" Michaels Stevens) defeated the debuting Steven Stiles. When his acrobatic offense wasn't getting the desired reaction, Stiles yelled "C'mon!" which comes across as a desperation move. Stiles fell for distraction by Stevens. On the comeback trail, a Stiles dropkick sent Andrews rolling into the waiting arms of Stevens. Andrews caught Stiles with a messy looking hotshot and won it with a short powerbomb. 
Afterward, a mystery man (CJ Awesome) came to ringside and handed an envelope filled with something smelly to Stevens. The BFF's puzzled over the contents.
(4) The Judge (with Charlie Cash) defeated RPW TV Champion Mike Posey via count out  in 5:33. This was heel vs. heel. Posey was giving away a lot of size, and Judge was giving the champion fits with his strength and power advantage. Judge hoisted Posey into a vertical suplex position and heaved him over the top rope, and Posey took the count out to retain his title.  
Afterward, Posey sprinted from the back like he had seen a ghost and ran out the front entrance. Bent (the twisted alter ego of Patrick Bentley, who Posey and company screwed out being their partner in Rave Approved) emerged through the curtain in search of the TV champion. Call me crazy, but the Bent character does nothing for me. 
Ben announced the new ticket pricing policy -  $10 first row, $8 general admission, folks with church bulletin $1 off. Bens said Drew Adler and Steven Stiles would be signing autographs after the show. The promise of an autograph from Stiles was enough to take my breath away.
Dan and Behrens taped a ringside open for week #2 of TV. The crowd was more lively than they were for the first hour open.  
(5) Drew Adler pinned Tommy Daniels with the Drew Drop in 5 minutes.
At ringside, Ben Masters welcomed Micah Taylor. Taylor reminded the fans that he was more than a one time heavyweight champion and he was excited to threw his name in the hat for the number one contender's match vs. Johnny Swinger at Sizzling Summer Bash. These fans didn't seem to remember Swinger, who wrestling for RPW in the early days of the promotion (2008-2009).  
Ben called J Rod out to the ring to talk about what is being billed as the Double Jeopardy match at the Bash. J Rod was accompanied by Murder One. Now these dudes get heat. J Rod gave Ben a ridiculously difficult time, At one point, he ordered Ben to lie down in the ring, which Ben refused to do. The fans tried to shut J Rod down with "boring" chant. J Rod said the only thing boring is your lack of a dental plan while you wait for Obama to solve your problems. J Rod said old eye surgeons don't make good wrestlers, and continued to push the envelope with Ben. Murder told Ben he was a big fan of his work in Tropic Thunder. "If if was a 5th we'd all be drunk," Murder said. Murder also said Steele would history after August 26.  J Rod said he would be history too. "I hit the gym, I hit the tan, and these lucky ladies, I hit them too." This segment had the edge of danger that was everything that pro wrestling should be, and these days, usually isn't. J Rod is such a delusional dick that he's even better as heel than as a face.   
They taped a ringside segment with Dan hyping Sizzling Summer Bash and Taylor vs. Swinger.
(6) Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks) defeated Corey Hollis & Chip Day to become the number one contenders for the RPW Tag Team Championship in 12:56. Moore laid Day out in the entrance way before the bell, so Hollis had to go it alone, and he took a severe beating. Banks gave Hollis a taste of his own medicine with a wicked back elbow. Hollis has been a Rave Approved heel so the fans had sympathy for him no matter how much abuse he took. When he kicked out of the Lava Drop, Jones said Hollis was on steroids. Hollis made a tremendous comeback and almost had Banks choked out, but in the end, he was pinned by Banks after a double team strangle slam.
The crowd was pretty dead during the match, but I guess it dawned on them that Hollis had given one hell of an effort, because they applauded him afterward.  
(7) Kyle Matthews defeated Bobby Moore (with Charlie Cash) via submission in 12:53. Moore had to endure the "Barney" chants but nothing compared to the heat he gets at NWA Anarchy. Matthews worked on Moore's leg, using a figure four and a variation on the Indian deathlock. Matthews got strong fan support once Moore took over. The story down the stretch was that each guy had the other's guy big moves scouted. Matthews went for the Hidaka lock, but Moore came back with a Boston crab and speared Matthews clean out of the ring. Moore said it was over, so of course, it wasn't. Matthews went for the slurpee kick. Moore ducked and it caught referee Robinson flush. Moore hit his running kick and second ref Dee Byers slid in to make the count, but Matthews kicked out. Moore loaded his elbow pad, but Matthew tied him up on the Hidaka lock. Good match.
Gayton said he was sick of J Rod's garbage and ordered a match vs. Taylor, which will NOT air on television.
(8) Dark match - Micah Taylor (with Doc Gayton) defeated J Rod in 2 minutes. Micah owned J Rod, who was still in his street clothes. J Rod tried to escape but Doc threw him back in. J Rod missed a mad charge into the corner and Micah rolled him up.   

AW takes aim at Linda McMahon

AW via Twitter:
“Is it me or does Linda McMahon make Hilary Clinton look like Angelina F**king Jolie!!”
“@Linda_McMahon has cost more negroes jobs than hurricane Katrina!!”
“I don’t hate Linda, I’m doing what a comedian would do. Making light of a serious situation inorder to make people think!”
“David Duke would hire my black ass before @Linda_McMahon!”

The funny thing is he will probably have his job back in 2 months.

More AW:

“If I smoked crack or did steroids I’d get suspended but I made a joke and tweeted support Linda and I get fired. #Doesn’tAddUp #Hmmmmm.”
“They didn’t do sh*t to Randy Orton when he called Kelly Kelly a slut, you see the double standard? F**k politics. #AWForLife.”
“Im a HUGE Cena fan, but Cena made fat jokes w/ King, genitalia jokes n homo jokes. Orton bashes K2, Vince mocks JR! #F**kUWWE”
“so stealing a car, having a yng girl trying to f**k 3 guys at once and not to mntion the Tensai thing is ok, but no jokes? #BS”
“So Vince can continually bash @JRsBBQ by teasing his ball palsy but yet your comments where deemed worse? Be a star my ass.”
“VINCE MCMAHON CAN SAY THE “N” WORD ON NATIONAL T.V. BUT @AWPromotions CAN’T TELL A JOKE………….whats wrong with this picture???” (Link to Segment )
“You said one Kobe Bryant rape joke and you got fired. Isn’t Mike Tyson a convicted rapist? Yet he is in the HoF. Hypocrisy.”

Abraham Washington’s Twitter account that he used in WWE, @AWPromotions, has been suspended by the company. Washington opened a new account at @BJRatedR right after his release in anticipation of such an event.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sal says:

In Hot Like Lava's opinion Sal Rinauro is one of the best color commentators around. Here is one of his quick witted one liners about Hot Like Lava in a recent match on RPW TV:

"Double Tag!....Double Polish Hammer and I don't think either one of them are polish?!?"


Pay attention to the last

AW fires back!

AW via Twitter:

“Let this be a lesson to up and coming talent in the WWE don’t try and be great like the Rock or Stone Cold. WWE isn’t the same.”
“Thank you WWE for creating me and then killing me because I only portrayed what I grew up watching.”
“I love entertaining people and the standup stage is what is next for me. If you think that Kobe joke was bad wait till you hear my Vince jokes.”

Finally some one with balls tells it like it is!

Friday, August 10, 2012

WWE Manager Released

The following is from
“WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar A.W. as of today, August 10, 2012. WWE wishes A.W. the best in all of his future endeavors.”
A.W. seemingly knew of the news earlier today as he posted many negative Tweets toward the WWE on his Twitter account (@AWPromotions).
A.W.’s release seems to stem from his recent comment on Raw, in which he compared Titus O’Neil to Kobe Bryant by stating, “He is like Kobe Bryant in a Colorado hotel room. He’s unstoppable.”

If the Rock would have said the same thing nothing would have been mentioned.....

morning inspiration, be yourself.....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Casting: Motor City

This is a re-release of a breakdown for the Action Film, "Motor City". Due to most submissions not matching precisely what we are looking for, we decided to give everyone another shot.

So, what ARE we seeking? 
"Motor City" is an action film packed with character faces, thugs, criminals, inmates, security guards and would-be goons. Therefore, submissions should reflect the tone of the film. If you are wearing a designer shirt, a tux and a smile, you are not grasping the meat of this film.
We are looking for people that look like they've lived a hard life, people that resemble real-life criminals, some with tattoos and scars they've earned by living a not-so-fortunate life. We are also looking for blue collar employees, the unemployed, and yes, the people you wouldn't want to mess with; the tough, the don't-take-crap-off-of-anybody, the work-out kings, and the mean… grimacing types.
 Perhaps this is you. Perhaps you have already applied, and your photos are blurry, or so yellow-toned that we can't tell what you really look like. If you are interested in this film, and you are one of the people we described above, now is your chance. We are looking for a small core group of people to work on this film.  Please read over the following roles and see if any are appealing to you.

FACTORY WORKERS: Males only - 20's-50's. TIRED looking. Blue Collar. NOT YOUR TYPICAL WHITE COLLAR GUY. You may or  may not have scars, but you definitely work with your hands for a living. Subject: FACTORY
INMATES: Males only - 20's-50's ROUGH-LOOKING, Dangerous types, and Character faces, people with tattoos on their hands, backs, faces. Could be cut or fit… we need clear pictures of your tattoos and of your body as well as a close up of your face. Subject: INMATE
THUGS: Males Only 20's-40's. DANGEROUS TYPES. BEEFY, FIT, ABILITY to give cold, hard 'I-don't-care-if-I-have-to-kill-you' stares. Intense would be a great word to describe these people. Subject: Thugs
PRISON GUARDS: Ex-military or ex-policemen. FIT, BEEFY. In-charge type of attitude. Stern-looking. Subject: Guard
 POLICE FORCE: Ex-military or ex-policemen. We are looking for people that are ACTUALLY trained to fire guns, know how to carry themselves, and can look controlled in high-stake situations. Subject: POLICE
If you are interested in submitting, please follow the following directions carefully. TAKE PICTURES THAT REPRESENT THE TONE OF THE FILM. DO NOT SUBMIT HAPPY-GO-LUCKY and/or professional pictures. Please submit pictures that TRULY represent the characters you are applying for. DO NOT SUBMIT smiling pictures, or edit out your lines and wrinkles. We want to see the tired, the rough, and the dangerous. If you have tattoos, please take close-up pictures of them IN GOOD LIGHTING and submit them in ADDITION to the three required pictures. If you are built, males please take pictures with your shirt off.
 HOW TO APPLY (Better than last time.. :):
IN ONE EMAIL - Submit three pictures (a full length, medium shot, and a close up of your face). These pictures should be in good lighting, and should not be blurry or yellow-toned. If you are submitting additional photos (I.E. Tattoos, built body), please do not forget to submit the original three requested. IN ADDITION to the pictures, please submit your age, height, weight and phone number - people always forget their phone number! Pick your subject line (or multiple subject lines) and email it to

Tuesday, August 7, 2012



Sword Swallower/Contortionists
Juggler (flames,knives), Stilt Walker, Acrobats

EXPERTS instructor types
Knot Tying, Knife throwing, Archery, Fencing, 
Swords, Javelin

Experienced ballroom dancers that can Waltz. Preferably you come with a partner

Experienced drummers 

MODELS Male and female 18+

RUGGED  Males Caucasian 30 + looking for the rugged athletic look 

ATHLETIC Males Caucsian 6'-6'3" 200+ athlethic/fit

Females with ballet experience 18+


Calling all nerds ages 25-40. We want all ethnicities male and female


HISPANICS/Latin Americans

BUS DRIVER- Experienced

TATTOOED men- We want LOTS of TATS

FACTORY WORKERS- African American Men

Please e-mail to the correct e-mail address and include 3 pics (head and body) age, ht, wt, and all contact info. Please put the role you are submitting for in the subject box.

Monday, August 6, 2012

CASTING CALL :: Bath Salt Cannibal GSU Grad Thesis Film

Bath Salt Cannibal

Project Description:

GSU Grad Thesis Film

STUDENT, NON-UNION, PAYMENT = FOOD, GAS during production, and DVD COPY at completion.

Synopsis: When a lonesome loser tries to make his own drugs he trips and mutates and ends up killing a pizza lady.

Character Breakdown/Casting:

Male, white, 25-35, skinny, pale skin. - Introverted, lonely, and unemployed horror movie and comic book nerd who tries to make his own drugs and mutates into a monster.

Male, white, 25-35. long hair, scruffy. - Party dude, pot head, 80s metal head style. Tries to get his friend to try pot.

Female, any race, 18-35, any body type, -Play both the role of both ragged pizza lady and the leads hallucinated attractive love interest.

Female/Male, Any race, 23-50, Newscaster.

Male, 16-23

Hip jerk teenager to appear as a “man on the street” in a news report.

Audition times dates and locations: [August/September] [Specific dates TBA]

Send photo/resume ASAP [Auditions held August/September in downtown Atlanta]

Directions: TBD Contact

Name: Kevin Email:

City for Audition and Production: Atlanta

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hot Like Lava Wisdom

The best engine in the world is the vagina, it takes any size piston, its self lubricating, starts with 1 finger, and every 4 weeks does its own oil change. It's just a pity the management system is so ****ing temperamental.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Casting - THE IDIOM

Catrett Locke Casting THE IDIOM (Part 2 of Hunger Games)

Currently Seeking

African American Children 12 and younger Light-medium skin tone very thin. Need to have the ability to cry. Want to see distress in their eyes. Would love to see their crying ability on tape.

African American female darker skinned very thin age 60-80. Needs to have a hunched back or the ability to lose like that for an extended amount of time. Also need to have the ability to cry. See the pain in their eyes. Would love to see a video of them crying.

African American female darker skinned tall and muscular age 16-15. Again the ability to cry. Would love to see them cry on video.

The extremely skinny any ethnicity and gender. Please submit 3 pics that shows your thin body frame and women no make-up please. We need to sell starvation and poverty.
Subject "THE SKINNY"

Caucasian women with weathered faces. These are hard-working women that have been through alot. This is where your no make-up is going to sell it. No photo shop show us the real you. We need the character faces to bring the scene to life.

Caucasian men and women that are skinny that have irregular teeth. You need to a a thin stature as well. Please send a picture of your smile for us. No make-up. This goes with the starvation and poverty.
Subject "TEETH"

Seeking Caucasian men and women that have some grip/lighting/rigging experience
Subject "TECH"

Seeking those with some Hair and Make-up experience.
Subject "PREP"

Caucasian Men and women with very thin frames with acting experience/ Please attach pics that show your thin frame as well as your acting resume.
Subject "YELL"

Seeking Children 1-17 very thin frames for the older ones more so. This goes hand and hand with starvation and poverty.
Subject "Children"

If you fit the descriptions listed above then please e-mail please include 3 pics (head and body) age, ht, wt, and all contact info. Please list any additional info that was listed with the role you are submitting for. Please put appropriate listing in the subject box. Attach Videos and resumes as well.